Mendoza Argentina Mission
Serving January 2015 - July 2016

Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015 - Maipú

It has been a week of Miracles!

The mountains were so fun!  So we went on the wrong trail and it ended up being trail blazing through prickly bushes and watching out for cactus!  But I loved it :)  Also, none of us brought enough water, so really, just an exciting trip.  We went with 6 elders, so we covered the US, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Brazil, and Argentina countries in our group of missionaries.  We had an awesome time exploring, hopefully pictures will work this week.

Our investigator Raquel is doing amazing.  She has been working on the word of wisdom and has kept it for a week now!  She is so strong.  She is trying not to drink wine and the occasional strong beer, as she likes those.  It is so exciting to watch her make these leaps of faith and grow in her conversion to our Savior.  Our next step we are focusing on is coming to church, as there is so much strength and support she can receive from coming to church.  She wasn´t able to come this past week because of elections, but I am praying she will come this Sunday.

Also, Mariela disappeared.  I guess she moved, last minute, rapid decision, and we have no idea where she is, as she won´t respond to calls or texts.  Her neighbors said something about her maybe being in Godoy Cruz, but we really don´t know.

We are working with an 18 year old guy too.  He told us our first visit that he wants to grow his faith in Christ and he asked us about how people can become missionaries...WHAT!  He has such pure and inspiring desires, sadly his friends are not the best influence, but he has been attending another ward for just over a month now, which is a huge step in faith, just to attend church.  I am excited to see where he progresses and how his faith grows.

Choir is just awesome!  Sadly, without me, the pianist, and Elder Christiansen, who basically carries the tenors, it might be a bit harder.  They work so hard, and the songs are beautiful, I love El Cristo Es, and we sing Oh Elderes de Israel, and who can´t smile and get inspired by that song?  We are also doing Divina Luz and Cuando Enseña a tus Hijos.

Sometimes things in life happen and we don´t understand why.  We want to question why and life is hard.  At these times, as I humble myself and pray to God, I have realized how much God knows me personally and answers prayers.  Sometimes, all I ask is for a little peace, knowing that I don´t understand, but God does.  He knows everything and everyone perfectly.  He tells us in the scriptures, "be still and know that I am God" and He gives us peace, as stated in Matthew 14:27, not as the world gives, but as He gives, which is a greater peace and assurance.  A hymn I have had in my head this weekend is "God Moves in a Mysterious Way".  I never fully understood that song earlier, thought it had an interesting title, but it is true.  We don´t understand the why of everything, especially in the moment, and sometimes it does seem like a strange way for things to work out, but God knows, and moves in His way, a mysterious way to us.  He loves us, and will not give us any trial too big that we can´t overcome with His help.  He is there to help me as I turn to Him on my knees in prayer and as I read His words in the scriptures.  He is there to help everyone.  He is there to help you, you just have to turn to Him.  I love the story in Matthew 14, when Christ walks on water and Peter tries too.  He becomes scared and calls out to Christ, and Christ is right there to help him.  Christ is right there to help us too, to reach out his hand to grab ours and pull us up and give us strength.

I love ya´ll!
Hermana Quain
Zone Conference

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015 - Maipú

It has been a week of miracles!

I am feeling loads better, which is such a blessing.

So, Raquel, I don´t think I have told you about her, is so awesome.  She is a previous investigator, but had tons and tons of questions and doubts.  We had a lesson with her, in which she prayed, then we sat in silence for about 5 minutes, and we could all just feel our Heavenly Fathers love.  We are just working with her on obeying commandments and going to church.

Mariela, who is our other main investigator, has been super busy, so we are working on trying to see her.  We got to see her once this last week, but were only able to pray with her and invite her to church, but she didn´t come.

Asado last week was oh soooo yummy, and today we are going to the mountains!  I will make sure to take some pics. 
Elder Christenson, one of our ZLs, and Elder Vallecillo, DL and the
only missionary from Nicaragua here
This last week, Thursday, we had intercambios, exchanges, and I went over to Rivadavia with Hermana Workman, it is almost 2 hours away by bus.  It was so awesome!  Hermana Workman has been out for 9 months and gave me advice and was great to talk to.  I also tried my first pancho, and I love them!  Kind of like hot dogs but even better, and the place we went to makes them on homemade type bread.
 intercambios, exchanges, in Rivadavia with Hermana Workman
The sunset, it was so beautiful that we had to stop and take a picture

My first pancho! These are the best panchos too, homemade bread and toppings,
 they are kind of like hot dogs

We had zone meeting on Friday and I got to play piano for it!  And I played piano for church and for choir practice!!! Love, love, love!  Mom, I love the quote and talk about music from conference, I could relate to it more.
“We learn the dance steps with our minds, but we hear the music with our hearts. The dance steps of the gospel are the things we do; the music of the gospel is the joyful spiritual feeling that comes from the Holy Ghost. It brings a change of heart and is the source of all righteous desires. The dance steps require discipline, but the joy of the dance will be experienced only when we come to hear the music.” - Elder Wilford Andersen –

Saturday we had our first member present lesson, with Raquel, it was awesome!  The member was an older lady, as with Raquel, and they could relate so much more to each other.  We are working on continuing this having members there trend.

I am so excited!  The Cordoba Temple Dedication is coming up, and we will be able to watch it from here.  Temples are such a blessing.

As we turn to the Lord and rely on Him, He strengthens us so much.  I have felt this so much while being here, learning a language, new culture, and teaching about our Heavenly Father´s love.  He loves and knows each of us personally.
 so you can see a bit of what our pension looks like :)

huevos de pascua!  And my first day wearing my hair down for proselyting!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 7, 2015 - Maipú

It has been a week of miracles!

Monday: I extended the baptismal invitation to an investigator and she said yes!  However, we haven´t been able to get back in su casa, so hopefully she will not be so busy now.

Tuesday:  I couldn’t do much, as I had lost my voice and was sick with a sort of flu.  I did eat fiambre, which is basically just sandwich meat and cheese, a cheap snack.

Wednesday: Recovering from being sick, so we didn´t do a ton, though we had district meeting which is always awesome.

Thursday: We went to the offices for Hermana Jasso to be at a meeting.  I got to be with other sister´s for the day.  We went to a member’s house in one of their areas and helped to make huevos de chocolate por la pascua!  So much fun!  It was with Hermana Zoolinger(she didn´t send pics, but I am pretty sure she has a blog, so she might have our pics up on that to look at).  Warning family-I want to do this when I get back, it is just chocolate molds, you stick candies in the middle, it is a tradition here, not painting eggs.  Also, I tried dulce de membrilla, it is kind of a thick jam from a type of pear.  It is so good, especially wrapped in cheese.  The man we rent from gave us a thing of it homemade!  So nice!  He has started doing his own homemade wine, which is interesting to see, but it smells sooo strong.

Friday:  I tried sopapillas today.  We bought them from these little boys selling in the street and talked to them about the Sabbath day.  They are kind of like donut, fried bread with sugar on them.  I started getting sick again and losing my voice. :(

Saturday: CONFERENCE!  We watched the women’s session and the morning session in Spanish and the rest in English.  I love love love conference.  I really liked Elder Eyring’s talk about fear, and how it can be gone through Christ.

Sunday: Probably the roughest day of being sick: I couldn´t swallow, breath, or talk, but we still got to watch conference!  There are going to be 3 more Temples!  How amazing is that?  So in-between sessions, from 3-5, everyone just eats at the church.  Saturday we brought our own food, and Sunday the Obispo familia brought us a vianda, with enough to feed us and 4 elders and still have leftovers!

Monday: Went to the doctors and had to get blood work and swabs in my throat, because they were worried I might have mono or strep, but I don’t´!!  Yay!  We also went to the offices for entrevistas, and learned about the importance of the law of chastity and how to teach it.  A long but good day.  And I met the Maseda´s from Vacaville!  We ran into each other at the offices, which was so fun.

So that has basically been my week, with the highlight being how amazing conference was.  I love getting to listen to the teachings of modern-day prophets! 

I love you all!
Hermana Quain

A pic of me at the computer!  Just so you know that I still look the same :)

Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015 - Maipu!

It truly has been a week of miracles!!                                                             March 30, 2015

Tuesday: zone conference!  We had 3 zones at this conference.  We are the only sisters in our zone, there were none in one, and 3 sets in the other zone.  It was so fun to meet some other sisters.  There aren´t very many of us in this mission, so I am hoping to get to know more throughout my time.

 waiting for the train to get to zone conference
 all of the Hermana's at zone conference, the other 3 sets are in another zone

 Wednesday: We talked to soooooooo many people today, somewhere between 30-50!  We are trying to meet people to teach, so lots of abrir la boca.

 Thursday: Oh my! So in trying to find a young man´s house, we started talking to this family, who set up an appointment with us!  We didn´t end up finding his house, but more on this for
Saturday.  We also had a woman, in trying to find an antiguo investigador, come up to us, ask us what religion we are, and tell us, I am interested, when can you teach me!!! What??  We are going by today, so we are praying that she will be there.

 Friday: So, again, we had lecciones planned, but all of them fell through, which is basically what happens every day, but we still had faith that Saturday would be better

 Saturday:  What, another day!! Amazing!  So, we finally found the young man´s house, and he is interested, and we are going by tonight!!  Hopefully we can bring the spirit with us.  Also, the family!!!  They have been so prepared by God!  Life has been really hard for them, especially recently, and they have had bad experiences with other churches in the past.  Therefore, we are emphasizing how this is a church of Christ, not man, and are not pushing them too fast.  There are three generations, the grandma, her children, spouses, and grandkids.  We taught 5 of them on Saturday, all except the grandkids, there are three ages 20, 6, and 2.  They have such an amazing spirit in their home, we are praying that they will maintain their interest and pray and ask Heavenly Father, and that all will be well with them.  Also, the 2 yr. old is sooo cute.  He just runs around, screams :), and even blew us kisses, ran in while we were teaching about prayer and clapped his hands excitedly.  They can only do Saturdays, when all are together, but we are going to drop by throughout the week to check on them, maybe give a short spiritual thought to whoever is there

Sunday:  I got to play for choir again!  And I might start playing for church, as right now they just use recordings.  As those who know me know, I am sooo excited to serve in this way, I just love it so much, love piano!  Also, a truck full of really drunk guys drove past us on our way to church, calling out for a miracle, then they passed by again, calling out for us to save them.  We couldn´t help but laugh, we can´t save them.  I also was so worried for them, they were sooo drunk and should not have been driving, I hope they didn´t get hurt or hurt anyone else.

Random advice:

* Bring as many underclothes as you can! Way more than the 8-10 recommended
* Girls- bring as many no-show socks as you want, you can never ever have too many.
* Go for durability, not cuteness in shoes, at least in walking missions

So, we found out that there is a Walmart, so we are going to try and find it today.  Otherwise we have been using little minimarkets, panaderias, and vea (kind of like Raley’s, but smaller).

So, in preparing to go home, Hermana Jasso is starting a diet today (she has this and next transfer left).  So to have unity, I am joining in on this, basically, she wants to actually work out in the morning, as she doesn´t always (yay! this includes running, though at a very slow pace, but it is still running!!!).  Also eating healthier, so she is on a strict no soda, and one treat a week.  Which means me too, soda, easy easy, treats, a bit harder...  to give you an idea, she is accusing me that I will get diabetes with all the sweet stuff I like.  This will be for the next 2 months, and then the last week or 2 before she goes home, we are not following this at all :)

Sé que nosotros tenemos un Padre Celestial.  Él tiene mucho amor por nosotros.  Podemos orar por ayuda y Él nos da. No estamos nunca solo.  Nunca.  Estoy agradecida por esté conocimiento y la ayuda que yo recibo. 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Quain
our funky washing machine, it just soaks the clothes, so they smell good, but aren´t cleaner
How do you get your clothes clean then? Do you hang out to dry or have a dryer?
They just don´t really get cleaned :), we are hoping to maybe find someone that we can use their washer at least every once in a while so they can actually get clean.  We hang dry too. 

What did you do in zone conference? Do you have Elder & Hermana Zone leaders? So is Hermana Jasso Zone leader? What does STL stand for? Maybe you could manually move the clothes around a bit to help them get clean? ;) Like with a big stick, ha.
In zone conference, we learned from our zone leaders, assistants to the President, Hermana Goates, and President Goates, it is kind of like a big seminar.  We start altogether, but then split up by zone and go to the different classes.  There is one set of Elders as zone leaders, and then Hermana Jasso is a sister training leader-STL, (female version almost of zone leaders, Spencer could also help explain).  Usually it is a companionship, but I am a trainee, so she is solo as sister training leader.  She is over me and one other set of sisters in a completely different zone, an hour and a half away.  There is maybe a 1-5 ratio of Hermanas’ to Elders here, maybe, so sister training leaders are sometimes over sisters pretty far away.  And we all cover big areas, so other missionaries are easily super far away anyway.

I have thought of just doing a more manual washing, as we have to manually bring the water by buckets into the machine anyway, and scrubbing my clothes, especially garments.  Or maybe find a big stick :)

How are your Sundays - church meetings?
We have all three hours, if you go on the lds tools, we are at the stake center of Maipú, and Spencer is good at figuring it out.  At 9-12 we have Relief Society first, sometimes only 4 of us at the beginning, but we can sometimes grow up to maybe 10 by the end, then gospel principles, then Sacrament, we have been having really good attendance, about 60 in Sacrament meeting, typical is 40.  We then go back and do studies, go to choir, then only have an hour and a half for proselyting. 

Do you eat any meals with the members? Does your ward have the missionary spirit?
They either feed us or give us viandas, togo lunches, as we do lunches with members.  We are working on building up the spirit, they have it in them!  They are super supportive and want to help out, which is awesome!

Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015 - Maipú

It has been a week of miracles!

I got to play piano!!!! For the choir practice!  I loved it so much, and was exactly what I needed.  I don´t know if I was just filling in or if this will be an every Sunday thing, I couldn´t understand completely the explanation.

Our investigator pool is basically about nobody, but that is ok, because we are working really hard and are going to find people, or have people follow through with lessons!  We have a few for this week, and many, many potentials.

So, we go to a cyber and use the computers there, where we pay for the time.  The people here would not be able to afford computers, I think there is a family history center in the offices, but not here in Maipú.  We are serving specifically in the Gutierrez area. Maipú is beautiful.  All of the streets are lined with trees.  It is getting a bit run down, but still so beautiful.

Hermana Jasso is 23, fluent in both English and Spanish.  She is in her last 2 transfers, and so will be heading home right when she is done training me. We work with just one ward, and we share the ward with the Elders Christensen and Fernandez.

So, yesterday, we taught Soc Soc and talked in Sacrament meeting!  Lots of talking.  Everyone is so patient and encouraging with my Español and castellano.  I get lots of comments about how I must have learned from a Mexican, or am used to hearing a Mexican accent, which is true...  It is funny when they use different words, or when I say something and get a funny look.

So I can receive mail, it takes 2 weeks.  Mission office is the best place to send it. Everyone tells me no packages, but nearly everyone who is older mission-wise has received a package at some point, but it takes a very, very, very long time.

Interesting things:

* The smells..
* I almost get ran over... all the time, every day, every hour, it is just a part of life.
* I tried fried pigs ear, and it didn’t´ get me sick!!!  They put them in tortitas, and it is actually pretty good.

Some fun stuff I have had:
* tortitas, grido-helado, facturas, alfajora de maiz

Oh, and elders will do anything for a coke :) and Hermana Jasso has a coke addiction like everyone here J

So, I have read and reread D & C 1 many times this week.  I sometimes wonder why Heavenly Father would call someone who can´t speak the language and is only 19 to teach the Gospel, but in this chapter, we are told that God calls the weak to do His work.  This is true in life.  As we are shown our weaknesses, and turn to God, He helps to strengthen us.

 Love you all!
Hermana Quain

Group of Missionaries that arrived the same time as me
View from the Hotel I stayed at in Mendoza
Hermana Sangama from Peru
Me & Hermana Jesso!
My first meal before we could go shopping :)
from on top of a hill outside of Godoy Cruz, BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY!
San Martin Monument

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015 - Maipú!

It has been a week of miracles!                                                      March 16, 2015
I made it to Argentina!  After leaving the MTC around 6 am Monday morning, we flew to Georgia, then to Buenos Aires, then to Mendoza.  We arrived in Mendoza around 5 pm on Tuesday.  I was so tired as I didn´t sleep on the plane and Sunday night only got 2 hours of sleep, as the other Hermanas got up at 2am to leave to CA.  Something fun, I met Elder Holland!  He was on the same flight to Georgia.  In Buenos Aires, the Elders and I met up with the group from the Buenos Aires CCM, which had 5 sisters and 8 elders.  I was now comps with Hermana Sangama who doesn´t speak English.  She is so awesome and nice, and we were actually able to communicate ok.  We stayed in a hotel Tuesday and Wednesday night, and were at the offices during the day.  Thursday I found out who my trainer is, Hermana Jasso!  She is from Mexico, but also has lived in the US and is fluent in both Ingles and Español, which is such a blessing.  She speaks to me in mostly Español, except some random moments.  She is so encouraging and awesome.

I am in Maipú!  Sorry I don´t have pics of Maipú, but I love it here.  The trees aren´t as big as in Mendoza. We washed Maipú, so we are working on finding investigators.  It is a bit rough, as mostly what we do is walk around all day meeting people, and have only taught once.  But we have a few appointments set up for this week, and hopefully they are there and remember.  

There were a lot of people at the ward this week, which apparently is weird, we had about 90 at sacrament meeting.  It is us and 2 elders working with this ward; Elder Christensen & Elder Fernandez.

So, some interesting things so far:

* One man we met threatened us, telling us how much God loves us, which is a really strange threat.  He was also only wearing what appeared to be very small underpants, beautiful.  Then, when we were trying to leave, he kissed me!  Yay! Mi primero beso!  Luckily it was a nice wet one on the cheek, and not the lips.  It was a bit startling, but we just walked away and I couldn´t stop laughing.

* Sad- I saw my first dead dog.  Alive dogs are EVERYWHERE, but this one was bloated and covered in flies, really sad.

* I gave a tarjeta to a man, who then went on to say, I am Jesus, you can´t see me... ok... I just handed you a tarjeta... but ok.

* We don´t eat dinner here, only breakfast and lunch, which is different.  It works though.  We are shopping today, so we will now actually have non outdated food or cereal.  I have already lost probably 5 pounds this week, my body doesn´t like the food, even though we haven´t eaten anything strange.  I am hoping it will start to change and accept it.

* We have a really nice pensión, which is way worse than Spencer´s apartment.  I can send pics next week.  I guess we have a bit more room than Spencer, but not as nice.

A scripture that has really stood out to me this week is D&C 6.  It talks about putting your trust in God. I am learning to do that, as I can´t understand people when they speak and am adjusting to being here.  

Hermana Quain
Me with Sister & President Goates

Mendoza, Argentina

View from the Mission Home in Mendoza

March 8 - 10, 2015 - Leaving the MTC

 My Zone at the beginning with our Branch Presidency
 The 2 Districts that arrived together

Happy UnBirthday :)
Sad to to Leave  - But excited for Argentina!

With Hermano Dolbin - MTC instructor
With Hermano Rasmussen - MTC instructor

Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 5, 2015 - MTC

It is a week of miracles!

I have my visa and flight plans!!!  I leave on Monday at 6 am from the MTC.  Our flight leaves at 11 am from SLC and we arrive at 4:50 in Atlanta.  We then leave Atlanta at 7:36 pm and arrive in Buenos Aires at 6:55 am on Tuesday.  Then we are somehow getting to Mendoza, I don't know how yet.  Also, I don't know what time zones all of those times represent.  My specific travel group consists of all of us going to Mendoza; Elders Kidd, Burns, Plumb, Erickson, and me.  We will be flying to Argentina with everyone going to Argentina, which is close to 30? maybe? missionaries.  I can't believe that we are really heading out in a couple days!!!

Congrats to everyone for getting into BYU!!! That is so exciting, BYU is awesome, y'all are going to love it!

In our district we do pensamientos buenos before class.  It is such an awesome thing, I highly recommend it.  When you focus on the good in others, complimenting them and recognizing them, you really invite el Espiritu Santo.

So, I am still really working on Spanish, really working.  And, yes I continue to mess up, sooo much.  But the other amazing thing is, I have felt the spirit the strongest I have ever felt it while teaching in Spanish as well.

So, again with Word of Wisdom mess-ups, I asked my investigator blessings he has in his life.  He started listing women’s names, however my mind took them as just Spanish words I did not know.  With that mindset I asked if he would like more blessings (if you can see where this is going), and he quickly agreed.  I then promised him more blessings if he would obey the word of wisdom, that he would be blessed for following this commandment.  I still did not realize what I was promising him.  He looked at me and said, "Hermana Quain, if you are one of those blessings, I will gladly live the word of wisdom"-----oooooops.  Now I realize what I had just said.  My companion being the loving person she is had noticed what was happening from the get go, didn't stop me and just busted up laughing at me.  The Elders had also been watching this exchange and were laughing.  It is ok, because I couldn't stop laughing either.  Oh the things we promise.  

So, we tipicamente bring food to our class, and have a stash of food for all times.  One of our teachers really loves to come in and eat all of it and it is never healthy food.  One of the other hermanas commented on how he remains so skinny, and here was my response; he 1, has a really fast metabolism and 2, is a poor college student, who is 3, getting married, and therefore 4, has no money to buy food, and so 5, the only food he eats is what we feed him.  In conclusion, he is skinny.  The other hermanas just started laughing, and so did I, because I didn´t even think it out before I said it and it sounded so funny.

Also, Hermano Rasmussen had an awesome quote that just popped out of his mouth during class one day and he had us all write it down.  It was, Effective teaching in no more than a good smile and a good question.  How good is that?  It is true, a smile shows that you care about them, and questions are like opening a window into somebody's alma.

When teaching investigators, I feel so much love for them.  Ellos y Ellas son mis hermanos y hermanas.  Yo quiero que todos volvamos a Dios.  Cuando yo ayudo mis investigadores, yo siento mucho amor por ellos.Todos pueden sentir este por otras personas.  Yo siempre oro para el amor de que Dios tiene por todos Sus hijos y hijas.  Y, yo recibo un parte de este.  Todas las personas tienen un parte que es muy bueno, y a veces nosotros estamos aqui para ayudar ellos veen este.

que tenga un buen semana, y les quiero!
Hermana Quain

Us hermanas referencing an old pic, do you know which one?  With some slight changes
Our districts last p-day
Hermana Bedell's skirt that she bequeathed to me



Friday, February 27, 2015

February 26, 2015 - MTC

It has been another week of miracles!
Our zone made it through our last week of just the 12 of us.  We received another district yesterday, 4 Hermana’s and 4 Elders.  We are now up to 20 in our zone!  So far the new district seems really nice, though I think they think our zone is really weird.  In all reality, after being with the same 12 people for a month, we are just comfortable with each other and yes, crazy.  They just need to give themselves time to get to know each other.
Fun fact: Elder Kidd is awesome at juggling!  We had a bag of mints, and all started trying to juggle the mints.  Elder Kidd did it so awesomely!  Hermana Williams was really good too.  Elder Burns and I were trying.  He did better than I.  I would toss the first mint, toss the second, catch the first, and then catch the second.  I could not toss the third mint before catching the second.  It was kind of funny.

 Also funny, after gym one morning, I was asked how it was.  I said good, I ran only 2 miles, and did quite a bit of strength training for my arms and abs.  Everyone else, except Hermana Henzi, looked at me and repeated "only??”  Sadly, we don't have a ton of time to work out, but we do have time.  Apparently, 2 miles is super far?  I was thinking, uhm, I used to run quite a bit more than this on my easy run days.  Hermana Henzi did cross country and knew what I was talking about.  

 I love singing!  Our teacher, Hermano Rasmussen talked of how singing really invites the spirit, and that it was cool when he sang with his companions on his mission... Now our whole district is doing it.  Even if you aren't that amazing of a singer, if you sing from your heart, the spirit comes into the room.  Hermana Williams and I have done it every lesson since, and it is awesome.  Hermana Moir y Henzi do it, and Elders Plumb, Kidd, and Burns have done it too.  My advice to future missionaries-try it!  Especially because it invites the spirit and you don't have to come up with what to say.  As we say, sin mierto (without fear)!

 Hermana Williams is grateful for our Panchito practicing over a week ago.  Ever since then, I have been talking more in lessons.  It was definitely a confidence booster for me, realizing how much Spanish I know, without a prepared lesson.  About everyone else in our district seemed to react a bit oppositely, a little unsure now, but for some reason, I needed that experience.  

 Hermana Williams y yo really have come to rely on each other, and completely trust each other.  We will stop in the middle of a thought, and look at the other one, because we don't know where to continue this too, and we just fill in for each other.  We originally didn't think of this as comp unity, but realized that it is a sign of trust, and it can help our lessons flow.  

Hermana Williams is so awesome.  Sometimes, a lot, I will speak without thinking in our lessons, such as challenging an investigator to read the Book of Mormon.  But, I don't completely think things through.  It usually follows with a part question, and I can't think of anything.  That is when Hermana Williams comes in with a part that they need to read.  How awesome is that?!  She just laughs at me afterwards, and I laugh too.  That is something she commented to me about.  I ALWAYS make some sort of mistake EVERY lesson, but all I do afterwards is laugh at myself.  That really is all you can do, or get mad, and that would just make life miserable.

Funny mistakes:
Did you know that hombre and hambre sound super similar?  One is man and one is hungry.  How would you feel if you were asked how you felt when your stomach was really man, not hungry, whoops?
I challenged Pablo to read the words of the living prophet, got him on lds.org on his phone, but could not find where the right tab was.  It was really embarrassing, and he switched it to English so that I could actually read everything.  We were just laughing afterwards, I need to be more familiar with lds.org. ---- basically most challenges I make I need to think through more, I am working on thinking more before I start speaking...

We also really feel the spirit in our lessons.  I have seen as God works through Hermana Williams, helping her to say what our investigator needs to hear.  It is always such an amazing experience, and reminds me of how well our Heavenly Father knows each of us.  He knows how to help us personally.

 This week I was really studying the story of Enos in the Book of Mormon, most specifically the first 8 verses.  I have been thinking about how I pray.  Do I pray with all my heart?  How have my prayers been answered?  How have I felt like I received a remission of my sins as Enos did?  The Lord tells Enos that it is through his faith that he was made clean.  Do I have faith to be clean?  How can I continue to grow my faith?  That took me to Alma 32:21-35.  Am I experimenting on the words I read?  Am I taking action, as faith is an action?  As you can tell, I really have been pondering this a lot.  Something I feel, is that I don't need to completely know.  Heavenly Father asks us to have a desire, and slowly, it is definitely a process, that desire grows into a belief and into a knowledge.  I can pray to Heavenly Father and I know that He will answer my prayers.  I may not get the clear response as Enos, but I have felt the peace and joy that comes from Heavenly Father.  

Hermana Quain

* Also, I have been reading up on how you receive answers from the spirit.  How do ya'll receive answers to your questions?

The Hermanas in my District
My mission t-shirt

Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 19, 2015 - MTC

It has been a wonderful week of miracles!                                         February 19, 2015

 First with your questions:

-We still do not have a new district in our zone, just us 12 missionaries continuing on.  We should be getting a new district this next Wednesday, so that should be exciting.

-I am sleeping all right.  I am such a morning person.  I am always wide awake before our alarm goes off, and I am in charge of waking everyone up and getting them going. :)  So far it is going well, the other Hermanas’ appreciate that I actually am awake in the morning and get everyone going.

-So p-day; we get up, take learning assessments (super easy), breakfast, relax, laundry/email, lunch, we walk to the Temple and do a session, get back in time for dinner, then have class with Hermano Dolbin, and go to bed.

-Our average day- get up, workout, go to breakfast (so amazing-I highly recommend it), get ready really fast, class with Hmo. Dolbin, lunch, class with Hmo. Rasmussen, dinner, study block, and bed.

Fun happenings of the week:
Miracle - Elder Erickson still has all 10 fingers!  He got his ring stuck on his finger and after about 36 hours, was sent to the ER to get it removed.  We tried everything to get it off already, and it was stuck.  They couldn't cut it off, I don't know exactly what happened, but apparently it was very painful.  His finger is no longer purpley, and his ring is no longer there.

Miracle-Hermana Henzi was super sick this weekend.  The elders came to our building, we brought a chair out to the hall, and she came out and received a priesthood blessing.  She started to feel better, slowly, but gradually.  The blessing is that she didn't get any worse and is now better.  The power of the priesthood, the power and authority to act in God's name, is true and real.  As us Hermanas watched the elders all placed their hands on her head to give her the blessing, we felt such an outpouring abundance of the Spirit of God and his love for us.  We Hermanas are so grateful that the elders live worthily to be able to help bless others.

So, our district is not the best at singing.  We sing a hymn, always in Spanish, at the beginning of each class.  But we are getting so much better!  Since we've had to do this since class 1, we are not afraid at all of singing in front of each other.  Also, to illustrate our talent, everyone looks to me to know what song it is, know the tune of the song, and carry a tune - me!  I am always the one that knows the songs, no matter which one is picked, and will sometimes sing the first line before we begin, like the piano intro, so everyone knows what song it is.  Family, you realize how this is crazy.  I love music, but don't sing in front of others, and Taylor and Spencer are the awesome singers, not me.  However, earlier this week, we were all falling asleep during personal study, and Elder Kidd asked if we could all stand and sing a few songs to wake us up.  We sounded awesome!(not prideful awesome, but, singing with all our hearts awesome), we love the hymns, and especially sing Tengo gozo en mi Alma Hoy!  No one can sleep or be sad with that song being sung.

Taylor!!!!!!!  I am so excited for you!!!  That is so awesome!  You better let me know as soon as you find out!  Also, my district is super excited for you too! 

Spanish is coming along.  I tend to be the one that makes the funniest mistakes, or says the most shocking things.  So, one of our investigators is married and his wife is expecting.  In our last visit, I tried asking if his wife was feeling well, smiled, with thumbs up, trying to convey a message of happiness and excitedness for them.... Uhm... I accidentally super excitedly asked if his wife is really sick and not doing well... oops... We were all laughing though, so that is good.  And when Hermana Williams and I told the rest of our district that, they laughed super hard too.  Something like that tends to happen with me though, but I just laugh at myself a lot.  

Also, as a whole district, our teacher Hmo. Rasmussen had us practice teaching.  We role-played with him acting as a drunk guy, who wasn't completely there, but he did want to know about Christ.  We were all talking, and we started to talk about how Heavenly Father loves each of us, and we are all His sons and daughters.  He told us that no, he was a son of the devil, because he does bad things.  Elder Kidd then tried to tell him that no, he is a son of God and that Satan is actually our brother.  That was a mistake, as Panchito loved that idea, and was like yes, we are homies!  Then, trying to make up for that, he asked if he loved God, but asked it in a way that suggests a romantic relationship, and he was just confused, and said no.  It was going very interestingly.  He then turned to me and asked me that, since he does these bad things, is he going to be saved.  I looked at him, and without thinking, simply said no.  Our teacher had to pause the role play, because no one expected me to be the blunt one, and no one could breathe for laughing so hard.  When we started back in, Panchito took it well, and kept questioning me.  I let him know that he could be saved, we can all be saved.  We discussed Alma the Younger's experience, and Panchito decided he wanted to see an angel.  However, we taught that it is better to humble yourself and turn to God without such a huge experience, Mosiah 27 is awesome. 

I have decided that I like teaching when I can be blunt, without being offensive, and Hermana Williams said she liked that side of me, and enjoyed letting me take the reins of the lesson, as she had no idea how to get across to him.  I know this sounds like fun and all, but it is such an amazing experience helping someone see how much Heavenly Father loves them, and that they can change for the better.  The whole district saw a side of me that they said was super cool, although it never really comes out.  This experience also boosted my confidence in Spanish, as we prepared nothing for it, and I could talk so much, in front of the entire district, with someone who brought up interesting points and was acting crazy and drunk.

I got to watch “Meet the Mormons” again this Sunday.  It is an amazing show, so uplifting and fun.  Also, Nicole, I thought of you when the song glorious started playing.  Listen to the whole song for me!  And anyone else who wants to listen to an uplifting song, "Glorious" by David Archuleta is really good and inspiring.  I also am loving Tengo Gozo en mi Alma Hoy and How Firm a Foundation.  Really listen to the words in the last one, they make you think about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and how they both help us each and every day.

Thank you so much for the packages!  The bubbles are so fun, Hermana Henzi and I had a great time trying to open them; they are 19 year old proofed.  And - goldfish!!  And pineapple!!  Ya'll know me so well.  Also, thank you to the relief society so much for your package.  Especially the bouncy ball.  After over 9 hours of class in a day, 12 18-19 year olds can have a ton of fun with a bouncy ball, bouncing it down the halls, horizontally(wall to wall), and down stairwells :)  The notes were so kind and so encouraging!  Thank you also to everyone who has written me, I do write back to letters, sorry if you have to wait a week for a response, but it should be there soon!  It is so fun to read about your life! 

This is so important to me, I am going to do it in English, 
This week I have learned so much about the Atonement and Jesus Christ.  When Christ suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross, it was not just for our sins, our mistakes in life.  He suffered to also know exactly how we each feel, every moment of every day.  He is the only one who completely understands our joy, our sorrows, our trials, and our triumphs.  He is there waiting for us to reach to Him in prayer.  We never have to feel like we are alone, because he is always there beside us, encouraging us to continue on.  He is there when we are about to burst in joy, or need a shoulder to lean on.  Christ wants us to turn to Him for help.  He loves us each so personally and so much, that he was willing to suffer completely for us.  As we follow His example of how to live, reaching outward and following the commandments of God, he is there to help us.  He wants us to be able to return to live with Him and with God again, and we can, only by following Him.  This means that we help others, we repent when we have done wrong, we study of Christ, and do as he did.  He was baptized, so we must be baptized to return to live with God, we must live with an outward focus, giving of ourselves to those around us, serving others.  This is also how to live with joy.  Following Christ is the only way to find lasting joy, eternally.  After suffering so much, he rose again, triumphantly.  We can too.  After this life, we can rise again, to live forever with our families, with Christ, and with our Heavenly Father.  This is why I am serving a mission, to teach this amazing blessing to my brothers and sisters, because knowing this has blessed me so much, and provided me with so much joy and help.  Never forget how much Heavenly Father and Jesus love you!  They are rooting for you, cheering you on when you do what is right, and they are there for you when you need their help.

I love you so much!!  Have a great week!
Hermana Quain

Hermana Williams in her gangster California shirt :)  She is excited to go to my home area, although she is going down south to San Fernando, everyone calls it my home area.