Mendoza Argentina Mission
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Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015 - Maipú

It has been a week of miracles!

I got to play piano!!!! For the choir practice!  I loved it so much, and was exactly what I needed.  I don´t know if I was just filling in or if this will be an every Sunday thing, I couldn´t understand completely the explanation.

Our investigator pool is basically about nobody, but that is ok, because we are working really hard and are going to find people, or have people follow through with lessons!  We have a few for this week, and many, many potentials.

So, we go to a cyber and use the computers there, where we pay for the time.  The people here would not be able to afford computers, I think there is a family history center in the offices, but not here in Maipú.  We are serving specifically in the Gutierrez area. Maipú is beautiful.  All of the streets are lined with trees.  It is getting a bit run down, but still so beautiful.

Hermana Jasso is 23, fluent in both English and Spanish.  She is in her last 2 transfers, and so will be heading home right when she is done training me. We work with just one ward, and we share the ward with the Elders Christensen and Fernandez.

So, yesterday, we taught Soc Soc and talked in Sacrament meeting!  Lots of talking.  Everyone is so patient and encouraging with my Español and castellano.  I get lots of comments about how I must have learned from a Mexican, or am used to hearing a Mexican accent, which is true...  It is funny when they use different words, or when I say something and get a funny look.

So I can receive mail, it takes 2 weeks.  Mission office is the best place to send it. Everyone tells me no packages, but nearly everyone who is older mission-wise has received a package at some point, but it takes a very, very, very long time.

Interesting things:

* The smells..
* I almost get ran over... all the time, every day, every hour, it is just a part of life.
* I tried fried pigs ear, and it didn’t´ get me sick!!!  They put them in tortitas, and it is actually pretty good.

Some fun stuff I have had:
* tortitas, grido-helado, facturas, alfajora de maiz

Oh, and elders will do anything for a coke :) and Hermana Jasso has a coke addiction like everyone here J

So, I have read and reread D & C 1 many times this week.  I sometimes wonder why Heavenly Father would call someone who can´t speak the language and is only 19 to teach the Gospel, but in this chapter, we are told that God calls the weak to do His work.  This is true in life.  As we are shown our weaknesses, and turn to God, He helps to strengthen us.

 Love you all!
Hermana Quain

Group of Missionaries that arrived the same time as me
View from the Hotel I stayed at in Mendoza
Hermana Sangama from Peru
Me & Hermana Jesso!
My first meal before we could go shopping :)
from on top of a hill outside of Godoy Cruz, BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY!
San Martin Monument

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