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Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015 - Maipú

It has been a week of Miracles!

The mountains were so fun!  So we went on the wrong trail and it ended up being trail blazing through prickly bushes and watching out for cactus!  But I loved it :)  Also, none of us brought enough water, so really, just an exciting trip.  We went with 6 elders, so we covered the US, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Brazil, and Argentina countries in our group of missionaries.  We had an awesome time exploring, hopefully pictures will work this week.

Our investigator Raquel is doing amazing.  She has been working on the word of wisdom and has kept it for a week now!  She is so strong.  She is trying not to drink wine and the occasional strong beer, as she likes those.  It is so exciting to watch her make these leaps of faith and grow in her conversion to our Savior.  Our next step we are focusing on is coming to church, as there is so much strength and support she can receive from coming to church.  She wasn´t able to come this past week because of elections, but I am praying she will come this Sunday.

Also, Mariela disappeared.  I guess she moved, last minute, rapid decision, and we have no idea where she is, as she won´t respond to calls or texts.  Her neighbors said something about her maybe being in Godoy Cruz, but we really don´t know.

We are working with an 18 year old guy too.  He told us our first visit that he wants to grow his faith in Christ and he asked us about how people can become missionaries...WHAT!  He has such pure and inspiring desires, sadly his friends are not the best influence, but he has been attending another ward for just over a month now, which is a huge step in faith, just to attend church.  I am excited to see where he progresses and how his faith grows.

Choir is just awesome!  Sadly, without me, the pianist, and Elder Christiansen, who basically carries the tenors, it might be a bit harder.  They work so hard, and the songs are beautiful, I love El Cristo Es, and we sing Oh Elderes de Israel, and who can´t smile and get inspired by that song?  We are also doing Divina Luz and Cuando Enseña a tus Hijos.

Sometimes things in life happen and we don´t understand why.  We want to question why and life is hard.  At these times, as I humble myself and pray to God, I have realized how much God knows me personally and answers prayers.  Sometimes, all I ask is for a little peace, knowing that I don´t understand, but God does.  He knows everything and everyone perfectly.  He tells us in the scriptures, "be still and know that I am God" and He gives us peace, as stated in Matthew 14:27, not as the world gives, but as He gives, which is a greater peace and assurance.  A hymn I have had in my head this weekend is "God Moves in a Mysterious Way".  I never fully understood that song earlier, thought it had an interesting title, but it is true.  We don´t understand the why of everything, especially in the moment, and sometimes it does seem like a strange way for things to work out, but God knows, and moves in His way, a mysterious way to us.  He loves us, and will not give us any trial too big that we can´t overcome with His help.  He is there to help me as I turn to Him on my knees in prayer and as I read His words in the scriptures.  He is there to help everyone.  He is there to help you, you just have to turn to Him.  I love the story in Matthew 14, when Christ walks on water and Peter tries too.  He becomes scared and calls out to Christ, and Christ is right there to help him.  Christ is right there to help us too, to reach out his hand to grab ours and pull us up and give us strength.

I love ya´ll!
Hermana Quain
Zone Conference

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