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Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015 - Maipú!

It has been a week of miracles!                                                      March 16, 2015
I made it to Argentina!  After leaving the MTC around 6 am Monday morning, we flew to Georgia, then to Buenos Aires, then to Mendoza.  We arrived in Mendoza around 5 pm on Tuesday.  I was so tired as I didn´t sleep on the plane and Sunday night only got 2 hours of sleep, as the other Hermanas got up at 2am to leave to CA.  Something fun, I met Elder Holland!  He was on the same flight to Georgia.  In Buenos Aires, the Elders and I met up with the group from the Buenos Aires CCM, which had 5 sisters and 8 elders.  I was now comps with Hermana Sangama who doesn´t speak English.  She is so awesome and nice, and we were actually able to communicate ok.  We stayed in a hotel Tuesday and Wednesday night, and were at the offices during the day.  Thursday I found out who my trainer is, Hermana Jasso!  She is from Mexico, but also has lived in the US and is fluent in both Ingles and Español, which is such a blessing.  She speaks to me in mostly Español, except some random moments.  She is so encouraging and awesome.

I am in Maipú!  Sorry I don´t have pics of Maipú, but I love it here.  The trees aren´t as big as in Mendoza. We washed Maipú, so we are working on finding investigators.  It is a bit rough, as mostly what we do is walk around all day meeting people, and have only taught once.  But we have a few appointments set up for this week, and hopefully they are there and remember.  

There were a lot of people at the ward this week, which apparently is weird, we had about 90 at sacrament meeting.  It is us and 2 elders working with this ward; Elder Christensen & Elder Fernandez.

So, some interesting things so far:

* One man we met threatened us, telling us how much God loves us, which is a really strange threat.  He was also only wearing what appeared to be very small underpants, beautiful.  Then, when we were trying to leave, he kissed me!  Yay! Mi primero beso!  Luckily it was a nice wet one on the cheek, and not the lips.  It was a bit startling, but we just walked away and I couldn´t stop laughing.

* Sad- I saw my first dead dog.  Alive dogs are EVERYWHERE, but this one was bloated and covered in flies, really sad.

* I gave a tarjeta to a man, who then went on to say, I am Jesus, you can´t see me... ok... I just handed you a tarjeta... but ok.

* We don´t eat dinner here, only breakfast and lunch, which is different.  It works though.  We are shopping today, so we will now actually have non outdated food or cereal.  I have already lost probably 5 pounds this week, my body doesn´t like the food, even though we haven´t eaten anything strange.  I am hoping it will start to change and accept it.

* We have a really nice pensión, which is way worse than Spencer´s apartment.  I can send pics next week.  I guess we have a bit more room than Spencer, but not as nice.

A scripture that has really stood out to me this week is D&C 6.  It talks about putting your trust in God. I am learning to do that, as I can´t understand people when they speak and am adjusting to being here.  

Hermana Quain
Me with Sister & President Goates

Mendoza, Argentina

View from the Mission Home in Mendoza

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