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Friday, February 27, 2015

February 26, 2015 - MTC

It has been another week of miracles!
Our zone made it through our last week of just the 12 of us.  We received another district yesterday, 4 Hermana’s and 4 Elders.  We are now up to 20 in our zone!  So far the new district seems really nice, though I think they think our zone is really weird.  In all reality, after being with the same 12 people for a month, we are just comfortable with each other and yes, crazy.  They just need to give themselves time to get to know each other.
Fun fact: Elder Kidd is awesome at juggling!  We had a bag of mints, and all started trying to juggle the mints.  Elder Kidd did it so awesomely!  Hermana Williams was really good too.  Elder Burns and I were trying.  He did better than I.  I would toss the first mint, toss the second, catch the first, and then catch the second.  I could not toss the third mint before catching the second.  It was kind of funny.

 Also funny, after gym one morning, I was asked how it was.  I said good, I ran only 2 miles, and did quite a bit of strength training for my arms and abs.  Everyone else, except Hermana Henzi, looked at me and repeated "only??”  Sadly, we don't have a ton of time to work out, but we do have time.  Apparently, 2 miles is super far?  I was thinking, uhm, I used to run quite a bit more than this on my easy run days.  Hermana Henzi did cross country and knew what I was talking about.  

 I love singing!  Our teacher, Hermano Rasmussen talked of how singing really invites the spirit, and that it was cool when he sang with his companions on his mission... Now our whole district is doing it.  Even if you aren't that amazing of a singer, if you sing from your heart, the spirit comes into the room.  Hermana Williams and I have done it every lesson since, and it is awesome.  Hermana Moir y Henzi do it, and Elders Plumb, Kidd, and Burns have done it too.  My advice to future missionaries-try it!  Especially because it invites the spirit and you don't have to come up with what to say.  As we say, sin mierto (without fear)!

 Hermana Williams is grateful for our Panchito practicing over a week ago.  Ever since then, I have been talking more in lessons.  It was definitely a confidence booster for me, realizing how much Spanish I know, without a prepared lesson.  About everyone else in our district seemed to react a bit oppositely, a little unsure now, but for some reason, I needed that experience.  

 Hermana Williams y yo really have come to rely on each other, and completely trust each other.  We will stop in the middle of a thought, and look at the other one, because we don't know where to continue this too, and we just fill in for each other.  We originally didn't think of this as comp unity, but realized that it is a sign of trust, and it can help our lessons flow.  

Hermana Williams is so awesome.  Sometimes, a lot, I will speak without thinking in our lessons, such as challenging an investigator to read the Book of Mormon.  But, I don't completely think things through.  It usually follows with a part question, and I can't think of anything.  That is when Hermana Williams comes in with a part that they need to read.  How awesome is that?!  She just laughs at me afterwards, and I laugh too.  That is something she commented to me about.  I ALWAYS make some sort of mistake EVERY lesson, but all I do afterwards is laugh at myself.  That really is all you can do, or get mad, and that would just make life miserable.

Funny mistakes:
Did you know that hombre and hambre sound super similar?  One is man and one is hungry.  How would you feel if you were asked how you felt when your stomach was really man, not hungry, whoops?
I challenged Pablo to read the words of the living prophet, got him on lds.org on his phone, but could not find where the right tab was.  It was really embarrassing, and he switched it to English so that I could actually read everything.  We were just laughing afterwards, I need to be more familiar with lds.org. ---- basically most challenges I make I need to think through more, I am working on thinking more before I start speaking...

We also really feel the spirit in our lessons.  I have seen as God works through Hermana Williams, helping her to say what our investigator needs to hear.  It is always such an amazing experience, and reminds me of how well our Heavenly Father knows each of us.  He knows how to help us personally.

 This week I was really studying the story of Enos in the Book of Mormon, most specifically the first 8 verses.  I have been thinking about how I pray.  Do I pray with all my heart?  How have my prayers been answered?  How have I felt like I received a remission of my sins as Enos did?  The Lord tells Enos that it is through his faith that he was made clean.  Do I have faith to be clean?  How can I continue to grow my faith?  That took me to Alma 32:21-35.  Am I experimenting on the words I read?  Am I taking action, as faith is an action?  As you can tell, I really have been pondering this a lot.  Something I feel, is that I don't need to completely know.  Heavenly Father asks us to have a desire, and slowly, it is definitely a process, that desire grows into a belief and into a knowledge.  I can pray to Heavenly Father and I know that He will answer my prayers.  I may not get the clear response as Enos, but I have felt the peace and joy that comes from Heavenly Father.  

Hermana Quain

* Also, I have been reading up on how you receive answers from the spirit.  How do ya'll receive answers to your questions?

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