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Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 5, 2015 - MTC

It is a week of miracles!

I have my visa and flight plans!!!  I leave on Monday at 6 am from the MTC.  Our flight leaves at 11 am from SLC and we arrive at 4:50 in Atlanta.  We then leave Atlanta at 7:36 pm and arrive in Buenos Aires at 6:55 am on Tuesday.  Then we are somehow getting to Mendoza, I don't know how yet.  Also, I don't know what time zones all of those times represent.  My specific travel group consists of all of us going to Mendoza; Elders Kidd, Burns, Plumb, Erickson, and me.  We will be flying to Argentina with everyone going to Argentina, which is close to 30? maybe? missionaries.  I can't believe that we are really heading out in a couple days!!!

Congrats to everyone for getting into BYU!!! That is so exciting, BYU is awesome, y'all are going to love it!

In our district we do pensamientos buenos before class.  It is such an awesome thing, I highly recommend it.  When you focus on the good in others, complimenting them and recognizing them, you really invite el Espiritu Santo.

So, I am still really working on Spanish, really working.  And, yes I continue to mess up, sooo much.  But the other amazing thing is, I have felt the spirit the strongest I have ever felt it while teaching in Spanish as well.

So, again with Word of Wisdom mess-ups, I asked my investigator blessings he has in his life.  He started listing women’s names, however my mind took them as just Spanish words I did not know.  With that mindset I asked if he would like more blessings (if you can see where this is going), and he quickly agreed.  I then promised him more blessings if he would obey the word of wisdom, that he would be blessed for following this commandment.  I still did not realize what I was promising him.  He looked at me and said, "Hermana Quain, if you are one of those blessings, I will gladly live the word of wisdom"-----oooooops.  Now I realize what I had just said.  My companion being the loving person she is had noticed what was happening from the get go, didn't stop me and just busted up laughing at me.  The Elders had also been watching this exchange and were laughing.  It is ok, because I couldn't stop laughing either.  Oh the things we promise.  

So, we tipicamente bring food to our class, and have a stash of food for all times.  One of our teachers really loves to come in and eat all of it and it is never healthy food.  One of the other hermanas commented on how he remains so skinny, and here was my response; he 1, has a really fast metabolism and 2, is a poor college student, who is 3, getting married, and therefore 4, has no money to buy food, and so 5, the only food he eats is what we feed him.  In conclusion, he is skinny.  The other hermanas just started laughing, and so did I, because I didn´t even think it out before I said it and it sounded so funny.

Also, Hermano Rasmussen had an awesome quote that just popped out of his mouth during class one day and he had us all write it down.  It was, Effective teaching in no more than a good smile and a good question.  How good is that?  It is true, a smile shows that you care about them, and questions are like opening a window into somebody's alma.

When teaching investigators, I feel so much love for them.  Ellos y Ellas son mis hermanos y hermanas.  Yo quiero que todos volvamos a Dios.  Cuando yo ayudo mis investigadores, yo siento mucho amor por ellos.Todos pueden sentir este por otras personas.  Yo siempre oro para el amor de que Dios tiene por todos Sus hijos y hijas.  Y, yo recibo un parte de este.  Todas las personas tienen un parte que es muy bueno, y a veces nosotros estamos aqui para ayudar ellos veen este.

que tenga un buen semana, y les quiero!
Hermana Quain

Us hermanas referencing an old pic, do you know which one?  With some slight changes
Our districts last p-day
Hermana Bedell's skirt that she bequeathed to me



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