Mendoza Argentina Mission
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 7, 2015 - Maipú

It has been a week of miracles!

Monday: I extended the baptismal invitation to an investigator and she said yes!  However, we haven´t been able to get back in su casa, so hopefully she will not be so busy now.

Tuesday:  I couldn’t do much, as I had lost my voice and was sick with a sort of flu.  I did eat fiambre, which is basically just sandwich meat and cheese, a cheap snack.

Wednesday: Recovering from being sick, so we didn´t do a ton, though we had district meeting which is always awesome.

Thursday: We went to the offices for Hermana Jasso to be at a meeting.  I got to be with other sister´s for the day.  We went to a member’s house in one of their areas and helped to make huevos de chocolate por la pascua!  So much fun!  It was with Hermana Zoolinger(she didn´t send pics, but I am pretty sure she has a blog, so she might have our pics up on that to look at).  Warning family-I want to do this when I get back, it is just chocolate molds, you stick candies in the middle, it is a tradition here, not painting eggs.  Also, I tried dulce de membrilla, it is kind of a thick jam from a type of pear.  It is so good, especially wrapped in cheese.  The man we rent from gave us a thing of it homemade!  So nice!  He has started doing his own homemade wine, which is interesting to see, but it smells sooo strong.

Friday:  I tried sopapillas today.  We bought them from these little boys selling in the street and talked to them about the Sabbath day.  They are kind of like donut, fried bread with sugar on them.  I started getting sick again and losing my voice. :(

Saturday: CONFERENCE!  We watched the women’s session and the morning session in Spanish and the rest in English.  I love love love conference.  I really liked Elder Eyring’s talk about fear, and how it can be gone through Christ.

Sunday: Probably the roughest day of being sick: I couldn´t swallow, breath, or talk, but we still got to watch conference!  There are going to be 3 more Temples!  How amazing is that?  So in-between sessions, from 3-5, everyone just eats at the church.  Saturday we brought our own food, and Sunday the Obispo familia brought us a vianda, with enough to feed us and 4 elders and still have leftovers!

Monday: Went to the doctors and had to get blood work and swabs in my throat, because they were worried I might have mono or strep, but I don’t´!!  Yay!  We also went to the offices for entrevistas, and learned about the importance of the law of chastity and how to teach it.  A long but good day.  And I met the Maseda´s from Vacaville!  We ran into each other at the offices, which was so fun.

So that has basically been my week, with the highlight being how amazing conference was.  I love getting to listen to the teachings of modern-day prophets! 

I love you all!
Hermana Quain

A pic of me at the computer!  Just so you know that I still look the same :)

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