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Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 19, 2015 - MTC

It has been a wonderful week of miracles!                                         February 19, 2015

 First with your questions:

-We still do not have a new district in our zone, just us 12 missionaries continuing on.  We should be getting a new district this next Wednesday, so that should be exciting.

-I am sleeping all right.  I am such a morning person.  I am always wide awake before our alarm goes off, and I am in charge of waking everyone up and getting them going. :)  So far it is going well, the other Hermanas’ appreciate that I actually am awake in the morning and get everyone going.

-So p-day; we get up, take learning assessments (super easy), breakfast, relax, laundry/email, lunch, we walk to the Temple and do a session, get back in time for dinner, then have class with Hermano Dolbin, and go to bed.

-Our average day- get up, workout, go to breakfast (so amazing-I highly recommend it), get ready really fast, class with Hmo. Dolbin, lunch, class with Hmo. Rasmussen, dinner, study block, and bed.

Fun happenings of the week:
Miracle - Elder Erickson still has all 10 fingers!  He got his ring stuck on his finger and after about 36 hours, was sent to the ER to get it removed.  We tried everything to get it off already, and it was stuck.  They couldn't cut it off, I don't know exactly what happened, but apparently it was very painful.  His finger is no longer purpley, and his ring is no longer there.

Miracle-Hermana Henzi was super sick this weekend.  The elders came to our building, we brought a chair out to the hall, and she came out and received a priesthood blessing.  She started to feel better, slowly, but gradually.  The blessing is that she didn't get any worse and is now better.  The power of the priesthood, the power and authority to act in God's name, is true and real.  As us Hermanas watched the elders all placed their hands on her head to give her the blessing, we felt such an outpouring abundance of the Spirit of God and his love for us.  We Hermanas are so grateful that the elders live worthily to be able to help bless others.

So, our district is not the best at singing.  We sing a hymn, always in Spanish, at the beginning of each class.  But we are getting so much better!  Since we've had to do this since class 1, we are not afraid at all of singing in front of each other.  Also, to illustrate our talent, everyone looks to me to know what song it is, know the tune of the song, and carry a tune - me!  I am always the one that knows the songs, no matter which one is picked, and will sometimes sing the first line before we begin, like the piano intro, so everyone knows what song it is.  Family, you realize how this is crazy.  I love music, but don't sing in front of others, and Taylor and Spencer are the awesome singers, not me.  However, earlier this week, we were all falling asleep during personal study, and Elder Kidd asked if we could all stand and sing a few songs to wake us up.  We sounded awesome!(not prideful awesome, but, singing with all our hearts awesome), we love the hymns, and especially sing Tengo gozo en mi Alma Hoy!  No one can sleep or be sad with that song being sung.

Taylor!!!!!!!  I am so excited for you!!!  That is so awesome!  You better let me know as soon as you find out!  Also, my district is super excited for you too! 

Spanish is coming along.  I tend to be the one that makes the funniest mistakes, or says the most shocking things.  So, one of our investigators is married and his wife is expecting.  In our last visit, I tried asking if his wife was feeling well, smiled, with thumbs up, trying to convey a message of happiness and excitedness for them.... Uhm... I accidentally super excitedly asked if his wife is really sick and not doing well... oops... We were all laughing though, so that is good.  And when Hermana Williams and I told the rest of our district that, they laughed super hard too.  Something like that tends to happen with me though, but I just laugh at myself a lot.  

Also, as a whole district, our teacher Hmo. Rasmussen had us practice teaching.  We role-played with him acting as a drunk guy, who wasn't completely there, but he did want to know about Christ.  We were all talking, and we started to talk about how Heavenly Father loves each of us, and we are all His sons and daughters.  He told us that no, he was a son of the devil, because he does bad things.  Elder Kidd then tried to tell him that no, he is a son of God and that Satan is actually our brother.  That was a mistake, as Panchito loved that idea, and was like yes, we are homies!  Then, trying to make up for that, he asked if he loved God, but asked it in a way that suggests a romantic relationship, and he was just confused, and said no.  It was going very interestingly.  He then turned to me and asked me that, since he does these bad things, is he going to be saved.  I looked at him, and without thinking, simply said no.  Our teacher had to pause the role play, because no one expected me to be the blunt one, and no one could breathe for laughing so hard.  When we started back in, Panchito took it well, and kept questioning me.  I let him know that he could be saved, we can all be saved.  We discussed Alma the Younger's experience, and Panchito decided he wanted to see an angel.  However, we taught that it is better to humble yourself and turn to God without such a huge experience, Mosiah 27 is awesome. 

I have decided that I like teaching when I can be blunt, without being offensive, and Hermana Williams said she liked that side of me, and enjoyed letting me take the reins of the lesson, as she had no idea how to get across to him.  I know this sounds like fun and all, but it is such an amazing experience helping someone see how much Heavenly Father loves them, and that they can change for the better.  The whole district saw a side of me that they said was super cool, although it never really comes out.  This experience also boosted my confidence in Spanish, as we prepared nothing for it, and I could talk so much, in front of the entire district, with someone who brought up interesting points and was acting crazy and drunk.

I got to watch “Meet the Mormons” again this Sunday.  It is an amazing show, so uplifting and fun.  Also, Nicole, I thought of you when the song glorious started playing.  Listen to the whole song for me!  And anyone else who wants to listen to an uplifting song, "Glorious" by David Archuleta is really good and inspiring.  I also am loving Tengo Gozo en mi Alma Hoy and How Firm a Foundation.  Really listen to the words in the last one, they make you think about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and how they both help us each and every day.

Thank you so much for the packages!  The bubbles are so fun, Hermana Henzi and I had a great time trying to open them; they are 19 year old proofed.  And - goldfish!!  And pineapple!!  Ya'll know me so well.  Also, thank you to the relief society so much for your package.  Especially the bouncy ball.  After over 9 hours of class in a day, 12 18-19 year olds can have a ton of fun with a bouncy ball, bouncing it down the halls, horizontally(wall to wall), and down stairwells :)  The notes were so kind and so encouraging!  Thank you also to everyone who has written me, I do write back to letters, sorry if you have to wait a week for a response, but it should be there soon!  It is so fun to read about your life! 

This is so important to me, I am going to do it in English, 
This week I have learned so much about the Atonement and Jesus Christ.  When Christ suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross, it was not just for our sins, our mistakes in life.  He suffered to also know exactly how we each feel, every moment of every day.  He is the only one who completely understands our joy, our sorrows, our trials, and our triumphs.  He is there waiting for us to reach to Him in prayer.  We never have to feel like we are alone, because he is always there beside us, encouraging us to continue on.  He is there when we are about to burst in joy, or need a shoulder to lean on.  Christ wants us to turn to Him for help.  He loves us each so personally and so much, that he was willing to suffer completely for us.  As we follow His example of how to live, reaching outward and following the commandments of God, he is there to help us.  He wants us to be able to return to live with Him and with God again, and we can, only by following Him.  This means that we help others, we repent when we have done wrong, we study of Christ, and do as he did.  He was baptized, so we must be baptized to return to live with God, we must live with an outward focus, giving of ourselves to those around us, serving others.  This is also how to live with joy.  Following Christ is the only way to find lasting joy, eternally.  After suffering so much, he rose again, triumphantly.  We can too.  After this life, we can rise again, to live forever with our families, with Christ, and with our Heavenly Father.  This is why I am serving a mission, to teach this amazing blessing to my brothers and sisters, because knowing this has blessed me so much, and provided me with so much joy and help.  Never forget how much Heavenly Father and Jesus love you!  They are rooting for you, cheering you on when you do what is right, and they are there for you when you need their help.

I love you so much!!  Have a great week!
Hermana Quain

Hermana Williams in her gangster California shirt :)  She is excited to go to my home area, although she is going down south to San Fernando, everyone calls it my home area.

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