Mendoza Argentina Mission
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Thursday, February 5, 2015

February 5, 2015 - MTC

Hola! It is so great to hear from you!
Here is how the MTC
I really love it here.  It is so hard but so worth it.  I definitely was all smiles going into the MTC, I was just bursting with excitement and couldn't wait to get going.  I am in a trio.  Hermana Williams is 6'1" and is my main companion.  We teach together.  Hermana Bedell is also our companion, but she is in our zone's other district, with no other hermana's in it, so she is with us whenever not in class.  Our zone has 3 districts, one old district that leaves this week, and then us 2 baby districts.  My district is the beginner class and the other is more advanced.
Me, Hermana Bedell, & Hermana Williams
Elder Plumb, Kidd, Burnes, and Hermana Moir, Henzi, Williams, and I make up our district.  The Elders and I are going to Mendoza, but none of the other Hermanas in our zone are going there.  Our whole group of Hermanas who arrived together are going to San Fernando, CA.  I am going to miss them so much.  We have awesome times together.  We get up, workout, eat, teach Eduardo, eat, learn from Hermano Rassmussen(our maestro), eat, study, get ready for bed, and sleep.  We also started TRC and got another investigator, Rosi.  
My District
We had to teach Eduardo our 2nd full day here.  It is so crazy how much we learn and how quickly.  We can spend a 40 min lesson only speaking Spanish, and that is amazing.  The gift of tongues is real.  We have made huge steps.  We teach Eduardo everyday,and it is awesome.  Hermana Williams and I will role play to prepare to teach him, and we know all of his little quirks and things like that, which are so funny.  Hermano Rasmussen told us we will be getting a second teacher tomorrow, and we all think that it well be Eduardo.  He has seen us teach and we got it out of him that his job is to teach Spanish, in Provo, so he is our guess.  Hermano Rasmussen is an awesome teacher.  He helps us to learn Spanish and how to teach and Gospel doctrine.
The food is ok, I guess.  It was alright for the first day, maybe, but I guess I like to pick my own food, portion sizing, and make my own food.  They do provide fruit, but sadly it is always the same.  So much so that I about cheered when they had kiwi at a meal!!!
My district is awesome.  Elder Kidd is so funny, he has so many great one liners.  It is just so funny.  Hermana Williams was praying in Spanish, our first day here, and afterwards he looks over with his eyes so wide, and says, that was amazing!!! - we all laughed because everyone else knew that she had read her prayer :)  We were memorizing the proposito and at night couldn't remember how it went, and Hermana Bedell starts singing "the first word is the hardest", changing up the words. 
During a dinner, Elder Smith, in our zone, was making ptyridactal noises, and Hermona Moir looks over and say euwww!  Elder Smith asked what? and She could only get out, that noise, and your face... and everyone was laughing, because it sounded like she was saying his face was ugly and we all thought it was hilarious.  Elder Kidd got us singing "respuesta, respuesta" to a funny tune.  None of us are ever going to forget respuesta.
Oh, You will love this, the other day, we were all singing "oldie" songs while getting ready, Queen, and all of the Guardian of the Galaxy songs, which as we sang these, we realized it probably wasn't the most appropiate song choice, but so fun.  Our zone loves to change up songs and put our own words into them.
Spanish is so beautiful, I love the language. At workout, we have biked, 4-square, which gets intense with a bunch of 18-19 yr olds, and our zone started daily knock-out games-so much fun.
Our President Shallenburger and first councelor, President Slingerland served in the Paraguay/Uruguay area, which is cool. I am learning so much about trusting in the Lord and really relying on Him.  I pray so much here, I am always needing help and strength.  I know that the Lord answers our prayers, and He will help us through everything.  When I get down on myself, I just pray for strength and understanding, and things just turn out ok.
Yo se que Dios es mi Padre Celestial.  Yo se que El Libro de Mormón es la palabra de Dios.  Este creencia ayuda me ser una buena persona y vivir feliz.  Estoy agradecida por mi familia y por el don de lenguas.  Estoy agradecida por las escrituras.  Soy animada enseñar el Evangelio de Jesucristo. 
I love ya'll so much!
Love Hermana Quain
My Zone

The Hermanas in my zone

Some tender mercies:
Wednesday- laying down
Thursday- showers
Friday- working out
Saturday- laughter
Sunday-walking to the temple, finally got unpacked enough that our room isn't a bombshell
Monday- Prayers work! I was shaking so bad and felt like passing out before we had to go to teach Eduardo, and we prayed that I would feel better, and I did! No passing out or throwing up during the lesson, little blessings :)
Tuesday- Devotional, I love learning!
Wednesday- such love and support!  I love the MTC!

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